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V2 Cigs and White Cloud E Cigs both carry multiple battery sizes and several flavors of cartomizers. They sell starter kits and disposables. Each one is an American-owned company. When a customer contrasts and compares the two does one outshine the other?

Comparing Kits

White Cloud’s newest bundle is their Omni Kit which gives vapers a chance to build their own starter packages.


Choose cell sizes for 2 batteries, a pack of 5 cartomizers, and extras to a minimum total of $39.95. A basic USB charger is included, but you can upgrade to the Squid charger and/or 3X batteries by paying more. Their other kits are specifically for use with Cirrus 2 batteries, smaller Cirrus 3, or a Cirrus 3X Lipo battery. Each set contains a pack of 5 cartomizers.

V2 Cigs offers kits for the Classic batteries and designer EX series batteries plus a vaporizer for use with herbs, concentrates, or e liquids. Several kits range in price from under $40 to over $100, but each one adds a new component. You might find a third battery, e liquid, or a USB cigarette in the box.

E Liquid and Cartomizers

Exotic sounding refills add color to the menu at White Cloud. Instead of “apple,” theirs is a “Bad Apple.” Spicy tobacco is known as “Bora Bora.” Choose “Copper Kettle” for a taste of milky caramel.

Each package is priced $9.95 but there are no blank cartomizers available so that customers could refill with e liquid, and White Cloud doesn’t sell liquid either. At least, their juice is US-made and there are more than 16 flavors.

V2 sells less exciting but more patriotic sounding tobacco (Congress), but their 12 flavors of e liquid aren’t made in the US. They come from China. Whether you buy a cartomizer package or a bottle of e liquid, it is made overseas.

Disposable E Cigs

V2 Cigs sells their e cigs in bundles for around $9 each: not bad value since the average vaper can find ways to dispose of those mini cigs quickly. But there are just two flavors: menthol and tobacco.

The White Cloud Fling is sold for $5.95 each or less when a customer buys big bundles. Not only are they inexpensive, but White Cloud also makes them available in 16 styles. You can have a Fling with fruit, tobacco, or vanilla, etc.


V2 sells a vaporizer which, at 650 mAh, is an eGo battery with a magnetic connection. A larger version provides triple the power. This innovation is wonderful even if you do not care to try dry herbs or concentrates. White Cloud hasn’t broken out of the e cig mould. They might not want to. Green Smoke and Bull Smoke are content to remain mini cig vendors: why not White Cloud?

If you take away that additional vaporizer from V2’s catalogue, the array of mini cig cells and sizes is a little confusing. EX batteries don’t work with Classic V2 batteries. White Cloud’s products can be equally confusing. Cirrus 3 batteries are smaller than Cirrus 2 cells. White Cloud makes two types of cartomizers, one of which supposedly provides virtually invisible vapor. There are pros and cons to either lineup.


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