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V2 Cigs has made massive inroads into the United Kingdom and across Europe. Their high-quality line of e cigs has caught on in a big way there, but with some differences to their product line and the way it is showcased abroad. The European Union used to know this company as V2 Cigs. Now, Europeans will know them as Vapour 2.

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Vapour 2 Starter Kits

Small differences include the removal of 2 starter kits from their European catalogue. There is a Standard Kit but no Standard-Plus while the Ultimate, Beginner’s, and Couples’ kits remain.

Their USB-cig set is added to the list of starter kits. EX Series packages are shown separately and there are just three instead of 4. That useful comparison chart on V2 Cig’s website isn’t present for easy cross-referencing.

Vapor Couture products are also listed among starter kits at Vapour 2: right on the same page with Classic and EX Series sets. An additional kit is listed besides the original 5 from Vapor Couture’s American website: an Express package featuring one full rechargeable e cig and a USB charger.

It is difficult to relate prices in Euros to American Dollars accurately as this relationship is always changing. Suffice it to say that starter kits continue to offer better value than buying single items one at a time. The Couples Kit is still priced less than double the cost of a single Standard Starter Kit, so it provides excellent value.

Cartridges and E Liquid

Since flavors used by Vapour 2 customers do not come from the UK or America, one might imagine there are no changes in this category, but think again. For one thing, they do not list as many flavors of refill cartridges as you find at V2 Cigs: only 10 instead of 12. The two missing are grape and chocolate, but every other type remains the same: three tobacco, three mint/menthol, vanilla, cherry, coffee, and cola.

Grape and chocolate come up when you look at Limited Edition offerings. In the United States, this section shows a selection of special items such as chocolate-dipped strawberries, pina colada, Sambuca, etc.

Their listing for e liquid includes just one bottle size: 25 ml. All 12 flavors in strengths up to 2.4% are available here, but not the 50-ml bottle size or Zig Zag options. It appears that partnership is restricted to the United States only.

Vapor Couture’s 6 flavors are sold at Vapour 2: Bombshell, Rodeo Drive, Strawberry Champagne, Arctic Mint, Passion Fruit, and Fresh Mint.

No Pro Series in the EU

Maybe Europe is not ready for vaporizers yet. Perhaps they aren’t into trying alternative ways to smoke tobacco leaves or essential oils. Certainly, parts of North America are well known for their love of vaporizers while Germany is probably the one country in Europe famous for its devices (Storz & Bickel makes the Volcano, Plenty, and two handheld vaporizers for herbs).

The Vapour 2 website does not show V2 Cig’s brand new Pro Series 3-in-1 portable vaporizer; not version 3, 7, or 9. This is the one glaring omission from their catalogue when one considers how big a stir its release caused among V2 Cigs customers in the United States with its magnetic connection and multi-purpose functions.

Disposable E Cigs at Vapour 2

As I mentioned before, the Zig Zag partnership is absent from Vapour 2, so you do not see any products by that company. Vapour 2 does show five types of disposable e cigs: menthol or tobacco plus three flavors from Vapor Couture. While the United States market has access to these 5 flavors, they have not had the chance to buy singles online. V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture sell them in packs. Vapour2 sells these products singly and in bundles.

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