Let’s talk about two of the hottest brands at the moment: VaporFi and V2 Cigs. V2 is a long time contender in the market, and VaporFi is a quickly rising mainstay, having gained acclaim from the moment they launched.

Each of these brands represents the pinnacle of the market, in terms of options, styles, quality and variety. Considering the quality of both, and the huge selection each offers, I want to look at each in depth for a comparison.

Let’s start off with V2. We all know and respect this brand, and we can totally look at them as the “old faithful” of the industry. Nothing they produce is going to be bad, and you know if you purchase from V2, you are getting a pretty good product.

While they may not venture into the territory of extremely advanced technology like VaporFi, you can bet their products will be great quality at great prices, albeit very basic. They have great accessories, nice styling, however you may find them to be a little bit lacking in the number of flavors they offer. A company this big and known for their quality can’t really get by with 12 core flavors anymore.

While the focus with V2 is on sticking to the basics, they offer a healthy variety of starter kits designed around their different e-cigarettes, as well two styles of vape pens built on standard technology.

When it comes to entry-level e-cigarettes, their different products give beginners a lot of options. The V2 Standard Kit is a good buy, and is a good intro to the world of vaping.

This isn’t a product that will do much for an expert, but for first-timers, it’s as dependable as it gets. There are a few upgraded kits based on the Standard, and these are also geared towards the e-cig novices of the world. They’re awesome for those just getting into the concept of vaping your nicotine instead of smoking it, and are ideal for those who are not yet ready to play with the big dogs (the APV’s and Mods!).

V2’s limited selection of vape pens does seem a little behind the times, as you have brands like VaporFi totally excelling in this area, however the two versions they offer are ideal for the vapers who are looking to advance their vaping a bit beyond the most basic items. Tanks and batteries are both very simplistic, but you can expect decent performance; it’s V2 we’re talking about!

They do have one pen recently released called the Pro Series 3, which is a 3-in-1 pen, and this does push them ahead in some areas, as this device is very cutting edge.

V2 has a general variety of e-liquids, and they totally make things convenient for the user by offering different flavor sample packs. These are great for folks who cannot ever try just one or two flavors. The price isn’t bad at $16.95 for 25ml, but honestly speaking, there are better choices out there.

If you are looking for a product that feels and tastes like the real thing, then this brand is for you. They have a simple selection of decent flavors, which are all good.


Now let’s take a look at VaporFI.

Here’s some background: VaporFi is known throughout the industry by just about everyone for their super innovative line. Having caught the attention of the market from day one, they truly understand what vapers are looking for. They cover all ends of the market, with a long list of top-quality products, lots of different hi-tech models, sick accessories, and a ton of power, all with very modern, clean style.

Suffice it to say, they have zeroed-in on everything every e-cig user is looking for, and executed it without a hitch. Basic e-cigs for beginners, mid-range vape pens for intermediates, and crazy rebuildables for the most discerning enthusiasts; they cover all the bases.

VaporFi APV’s, such as the Pro Vaporizer is just a sampling of their many products.

This pen comes in several different models, with the option of variable voltage, different levels of power (some as high as 1000mAh), the ability to work with a huge variety of their different tanks, and other accessories.

Hands down, this is one of the most versatile yet satisfying devices on the market. It is perfect for intermediate vapers who want something easy to use with a lot of features/ power, while still being an option for beginners who know they want a more advanced device than a basic e-cig.

The other area VaporFi is offering unique options is in the area of “expert level” devices. As the technology grows, so do the appetites of advanced users, and we’ve gotten to the point where the geekiest of vapor geeks prefer to build their own mods and have a hand in everything to do with their devices.

Can’t say we disagree; getting the most out of your device is worth the extra effort, and VaporFi gets this. They have some incredible state of the art models, like the Volt, the Vox Hybrid tank, and the two variations of the iconic Rebel. These items are not to be messed with; it is recommended that only the most advanced users try their hand at them, as they require a good amount of knowledge and know-how to use correctly, safely, and effectively.

Here’s The VOX and Tanks They Sell as a Kit:

Then there is the subject of liquid. There is no one on the market who can touch VaporFi on this level. VaporFi trumps V2 here in price, charging $14.99 per 30ml, while V2 sells theirs for $16.95 per 25ml. Unlike V2, in this category, VF offers a wider selection of nicotine levels; going up to 3.6%, whereas V2 hits a maximum 2.4%.

They have dozens of single flavors, and they offer the unique option of “Custom Blending,” where they will blend up to 3 different flavors as you like. This is really awesome because you get to enjoy so many more choices, and they seriously leave nothing out.

The only way to put it is, flavor for days! And not only is their liquid superb in ingredients, but this “top quality” really plays into how the e-juice performs, and conveys flavor. So the result is out of control; best damn liquid I’ve tried, and I will never run out of possible flavor combinations with over 30,000 possibilities to choose from.

The one flavor I do love from V2 is their Red flavor, at 18% or 24% nicotine, since I was a Marlboro red smoker.

When it’s all said and done, VaporFi is my top pick for options, innovation, excellent e-liquids and flavors, and having just more power. I can’t knock V2, as I stated above the quality is solid and the products are good, it’s just that VaporFi goes deeper into the market and deeper when it comes to technology.

Both brands keep it real by offering the security of a 30-day money back guarantee, and warranties. As you know, if you’re going to be dropping any cash on a brand, make sure they back you up with some kind of return policy like this.

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