Vapor Couture Review With Coupon Codes For 2017

Vapor Couture is the trendy, fashionable side of V2 Cigs. Although cigalikes have their merits, they are not designed to mix and match with attractive clothing. They are not accessories the way jewelry or handbags would be.

2017 Vapor Couture Coupon Codes

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Besides all the necessary hardware that goes with vapor cigs, Vapor Couture adds pieces that are practical but beautiful at the same time. If you thought carry cases with zebra stripes were the last word in fashion, think again.

Lanyards of the usual sort have nothing on Vapor Couture necklaces and bracelets. Their portable charging case is a different shade of wonderful too.

Vapor Couture Price Tag

But making e cigs look glamorous comes at a cost. Vapor Couture products cost more than the average electronic cigarette in the cigalike category; more than V2 Cigs, certainly. You will see that when you explore their starter kits, among which there is nothing cheaper than $40.

Starter Kits from Vapor Couture

Select one of 5 Vapor Couture starter kits costing from $41.46 to $207.51. The Entrée kit sounds like a gourmet meal but is merely a 1-battery package with 6 cartridges, 1 disposable, and a USB charger.

The disposable e cig is a wonderful addition to the e cig kit, giving a vaper something to vape on while her battery is charging.

By the time it runs out, she knows whether it is worth investing in a second battery or not. Of the four battery and cartridge colors and 6 flavors made by Vapor Couture, only Brushed Platinum with Rodeo Drive, Passion Fruit, and Arctic Mint (1.2%) are available.

L’Essentiel Kit for $67.41 comes with all the choices: Deep Purple, Rose Gold, and Signature batteries; Bombshell, Fresh Mint, and Strawberry Champagne cartomizers. It contains two batteries, a charging kit with the AC adapter, and 10 cartridges. Choose L’Essentiel+1 and choose a PCC or a stainless steel fluted charm: your choice for an additional $36.

Travelers will be drawn to the Passeport Kit for $155.62. They receive a PCC, necklace, and car adapter. Maximale packages contain 20 cartomizers, the necklace (which doubles as a bracelet), charm, and a clutch with space for a Smart Phone. Priced $207.51, it is probably the most expensive bundle out there.

Cartridge Flavors

With just six flavor choices, you had better like mint, fruit, or tobacco. That’s all Vapor Couture has to offer so far. New flavors and battery colors are still in development. Bombshell tastes like Turkish tobacco.

Fresh Mint and Arctic Mint are great for mint or menthol smokers. Rodeo Drive resembles Virginia tobacco. Passion Fruit and Strawberry Champagne are fruity and sweet.

Nicotine levels are 0, 0.6%, 1.2%, and 1.8% unless you buy a pack of 5 or 10 disposables ($46.65 or $82.97). Those contain 1.2%. Vapers get to choose the color of cartridge they want from the battery shades listed above.

Selected Accessories

Although a kit contains several useful accessories, there is a good chance customers will become interested in extras to give away as gifts, so as to have extras on hand, or to bulk up an initial purchase of the Entrée Kit. A car or wall adapter costs $10.33. Combine the USB and AC adapter for $15.52. Buy all three for $20.70 (the best value at about $7 each item).

A Stainless Steel charm necklace costs $51.84 but upgrading to Sterling Silver adds more than $100 to the price. This is not a necessary part of your package, just pretty. Extra 190-mAh batteries cost $20.70 each with their crystal LED tips. Though beautiful, they are expensive.

The Smart Phone Clutch from a Maximale Kit goes for $62.22 on its own. It has a strap or can be carried by hand. A pink PCC with slide-out cover is $62.22. That is one of the most expensive Portable Charging Cases I have come across with some as cheap as $15. You are not comparing apples to apples in this case, however, because the Vapor Couture case boasts a mirror and is fairly indestructible too.

Sales on Vapor Couture Products

Earlier editions (like old fashions) are going for a song, so if you like to look good while vaping and are unconcerned about being a year behind, go to the “sale” department for deals.

Vapor Couture Review

My biggest complaint about Vapor Couture is that you are trapped into buying Vapor Couture cartridges to go with Vapor Couture batteries because V2 Cigs are not compatible. Even though they are made by the same company, they do not fit together, so six flavors are the only ones open to you.

There are some favorable reviews of those flavors and some ho-hum reviews. That’s the same everywhere. No flavor pleases everyone, especially pre-filled Chinese cartomizer flavors.

The next biggest peeve here is the price, but I can understand the logic. If it costs x-amount to make cigalikes, it has to cost more to make snazzy-colored batteries with crystal tips. Maybe the markup is a bit high, but looks are a priority for Vapor Couture customers.

I do like that Vapor Couture cartridge flavors are available in all four colors. With most companies, either the cartridge features a colored ring or is produced in a color associated with the flavor. Vapor Couture’s method is more fashionable and provides the chance to mix and match or create a uniform look. One reviewer referred to her e cigs as “cute.”

Overall, considering the quality of a V2 product and the great vapor of a Vapor Couture e cig, they are decent value for money.

10% Off Vapor Couture Procucts

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