Vaping: From Beginners To Advanced

When it comes to vaping, you don’t have to start at the very beginning. But smokers are often tempted to start here for psychological reasons. Mini cigs (known as vapor cigarettes and cigalikes) look so much like real cigarettes that smokers feel comfortable trying them.

Egos seem too big but are fairly easy to use and often preferred by new vapers because they are more cost effective. However you cut it, vaping is cheaper than smoking cigarettes unless you become addicted to trying every high-end juice and buying collectible items.

Beginner E Cigs

Usually, a smoker learns about vaping by trying a disposable e cig. They can be purchased from all sorts of corner stores, drug stores, some major department stores, and gas stations. These locations sometimes carry rechargeable devices too such as the Vuse e cig or rechargeable express kits by major brands like South Beach Smoke and Cigavette.

What you find, however, is that the disposable option is cheapest and least intimidating in the short term. As a smoker merely curious but not committed to the idea of quitting, this is the simplest route to take.

A rechargeable e cig is also easy to use as long as you have no problems using charging devices and screwing or snapping two things together: a battery and a matching cartridge. One huge advantage of e cigs at this level is that cartridges don’t have to be refilled. You pay a premium for pre-filled cartridges but it’s worthwhile at first.

Next Level E Cigs

Within months, it’s typical to become bored with mini cigs and their limited pre-filled flavors. With the purchase of blank cartomizers or clearomizers which connect to mini batteries, it’s possible to add a much wider variety of juice flavors to your repertoire. But once you are happy re-filling clearomizers, why not upgrade the battery?

It doesn’t cost much to jump from 280 mAh to 650 mAh: it might even be cheaper, especially once you factor in the cost of e juice compared with pre-filled cartomizers: $2 per milliliter vs. as little as $0.50 per milliliter.

An eGo battery functions the same way a manual mini cig battery operates. Press the button to activate your atomizer and take a puff. Clearomizers come in disposable and rebuildable formats, in plastic metal or glass, and assorted resistance levels. Glass is better if you are partial to anise-flavored juices, lemon-lime, or hot cinnamon.

Batteries don’t have screens and the lighted tip is gone. You can’t adjust voltage, but larger batteries are available in sizes from 400 mAh to 1300 mAh. Halo, Kanger, Joye, and Aspire all make excellent products.

Advanced Intermediate

Before advancing to modifiable e cigs, there is another stage to take: the variable voltage “Spinner” battery. It still doesn’t have a screen but features a knob at the bottom. Turn it to select from 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts which allows you to regulate through the minimum and maximum output of your battery.

Advanced Electronic Mods

An Advanced Personal Vaporizer, or APV, is also known as a mod. Electronic mods have screens so you can see selected values for your voltage (and wattage, if applicable), the remaining charge for your battery, and ohms (atomizer resistance).

At this point, your battery is capable of much more power and in the case of some advanced machines can do more than heat vapor: an MVP by Innokin also acts as a wireless power source of other handheld devices. When fully charged, you can vape and also charge a cell phone. If it’s used solely for vaping, the MVP will last a day or maybe a weekend.

But most vaping devices are made specifically for vaping. Electronic devices, including the Sigelei 100W box mod, South Beach Smoke Curve, and Innokin Cool Fire II make it easy to correlate volts/watts with resistance. There is such a thing as too much heat for your atomizer’s resistance depending on how sophisticated your device is.

Protective features might simply switch the device off if resistance is too low and volts are too high, but if you like to create a lot of vapor it’s often handy to own a high-watt box mod suitable for 0.3 ohms or even less. To pull this off safely, a DNA chip monitors and evaluates the situation, setting volts in accordance with wattage and resistance so your device doesn’t self-destruct.

Mechanical Mods

When you don’t have a screen showing power values and resistance, you have to really understand the relationship between power and resistance. Your mechanical device has a button to fire the atomizer. It is threaded to accept an atomizer. Inside the tube there is a contact pin and room for a specific type of battery. Creating clouds and the ideal heat range relies on your understanding and the quality of products you buy. The vaper who owns a limited edition $200 mod is passionate about this craft.

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