SFATA For Smoke Free Alternatives

The SFATA represents vapers and e cig manufacturers at the commercial end of things, acting as educators and advocates for their industry. The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association is the biggest association of e-cig related trades-people, open to almost anyone: educators, individuals, vendors, foreign manufacturers, wholesalers, and more. The SFATA speaks up for online and vape store owners to determine their needs and challenges while training them to speak up for themselves.


Becoming a member yields several benefits. For one thing, a company’s reputation is enhanced by the presence of that little logo on a web page. According to their site, individuals belonging to the group have more influence in some government arenas than those who do not.

Members are invited to join events and read content online which is not available to the casual reader. There is even an insurance rebate with one company. They host a regular convention and post a newsletter.

Membership in this non-profit organization is based on the type of company/group applying and/or sales. There is not a single set fee but a schedule breaking this down for individuals (the lowest rate), companies, academics, and others.

SFATA logoRoles of the SFATA

Members of the SFATA engage with other advocates in the e cig world; lobbyists at the government level, but also movements to educate the general public.

SFATA members speak with health officials and government agencies in their areas and nationally with the desire to emphasize how positive e cigs are to the smokers and to the public in numerous ways be they health-related or financial. Their purview is regional, national, and international.

They call for “Facts not Fear” which is the SFATA motto in the face of ignorance. The public and the government spread ideas about the hazards of vaping, but not always with adequate information to back-up their claims and notions.

While arguments should be balanced and show both sides of the story, the SFATA stands up for companies working in any aspect of hardware or vapor production, including the supply chain part of this industry. It is clear that the industry faces uncertain times so they need as many official voices speaking for them as possible. The SFATA provides one.

Funding for the SFATA

For some reason, there is a belief that Big Tobacco provides some financial support for e cig advocacy organizations such as the SFATA. This is not true. Only vaping-related companies are permitted to join this group. Their website suggests that this means Big Tobacco companies selling e cigs through their subsidiaries are not included or permitted to join, but that’s not clear. They certainly don’t receive funding from R.J. Reynolds et al. All of their money comes from dues and donations.

Where is the SFATA Located?

Vapers can locate the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association at an address in Washington DC, or they can contact the organization at a number in Hallandale, Florida. They run a website where information about upcoming vape shows and other events is posted. Speak with a representative in person, or one can probably also meet a rep at an upcoming event.

Here’s a video from their YouTube channel where they were addressing some legislation in California:

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