V2 Cigs Pro Series 7 Review

The Pro Series 3-in-1 vape pen was released by V2 Cigs a year ago, enough time for industry experts and consumers to have tried it and had their say.

What’s the verdict?

Consumers have mostly good things to say about this compact pen as they anticipate the arrival of V2’s final installment, the Pro Series 9. Top-Pen tables suggest this one is right up there with the best of the best. Here’s a quick review of this multi-purpose pen from one of the first American e cig companies.

Okay, so first of all you need to know that the V2 Pro Series 7 is a lot bigger than the tiny Pro Series 3. It’s a good thing the Pro Series 3 was incredibly stealthy or this comparison would make the Series 7 sound like a tank, which it is not.

The “7” is simply a chunkier version; the chubby cousin, although it can be good to pack on a few millimeters and grams in certain instances. You are still getting a light, portable, rechargeable device, not a pseudo-handheld like the Plenty which still has to be plugged in. Just make sure your pockets are deep if you want to be discrete, that’s all.

Pro Series 7Lots More Power

Power on a Series 7 is more than double what you are used to from its skinny counterpart (1800 mAh), worth at least 2 days (if not more) when you are on the lowest setting out of three: 3.7, 4.2, and 4.7 volts.

Adjust these manually to your preferred strength and you will find the device highly responsive. The difference between these settings is noticeable and flavors are smooth.

Magnetic Attachment

Magnets turn up everywhere these days and e cig companies come across as proud of themselves for thinking of things like replacing screws on battery doors with magnets (Cloupor) and making magnetic lids (Firefly). V2 Cigs went one better with their magnetic cartridge-to-battery attachment method.

Each cartridge slides into a console which is raised from the battery and fastens to the control base without threading. It is easy to do: you can’t miss the thread and wind up stuck, trying to thread on or off.

While attachment is strong, removing a cartridge is not demanding. Visually, this ensures a one-piece appearance, as though there isn’t a cartridge in there at all. The USB charger is also magnetic with a light around the rim to indicate charging status.

Mind Reader

That control head reads a code on each cartridge so it knows automatically whether you’re attaching a loose-leaf or e liquid (and eventually wax) cartridge. It’s not necessary to pick a temperature: you can let the base choose what designers have deemed an “optimum temperature.”

Time to Choose

Now that you’re at the V2 Cigs website, you have to make a few choices. What color would you like? This isn’t a disco-pen, all glittery and fancy, so selecting “blue” gives you a richer visual experience, but black and silver are sleek too.

You also have to decide whether or not to take advantage of discounts for ordering items with your starter kit. A charging kit (USB and wall charger), base, and two cartridges (e liquid and loose leaf) are included for about $150. Additions could be more cartridges for the future when their atomizers wear out which could take a week to three weeks.

You might add bottles of e liquid. The thing is those discounts only apply to the starter kit. You’ll be earning V2 points, though, and could apply those to later purchases. Find coupon codes for V2 which reduce the price of a starter kit for the Pro Series 7 3-in-1 vaporizer and enjoy this powerful tool for less.