Green Smoke

Two of the longest running and most respected e cig brands in the United States are V2 and Green Smoke. Loyal customers adhere to both brands and each company offers qualities the industry needs. Take a look at this comparison between these strong competitors.

V2 Cigs vs Green Smoke

V2 and Green Smoke share some similarities, first of all. One is that they were among brands that introduced smokers to the vaping revolution with their miniature cigarette-like devices. That was several years ago, and since the early days they have worked a lot of bugs out of their systems.

Three-part cigalikes are gone, replaced by 2-part devices. Battery and cartridge quality have improved. Employees know what they’re doing and run their respective shows more seamlessly than ever. How about differences: does anything stand out?

V2 Cigs

At V2 Cigs, product selection has grown and grown. In the past 18 months, particularly, they have added a lot of choices to their cartridge flavors and batteries. First was the EX Series: a mid-range cell between medium and long V2 batteries. With 5 special colors and compatible cartridges featuring more liquid, they offered another level of vaping.

But EX batteries are not the same as eGo batteries and aren’t really as great as they seemed at first. They only last for several hours, not half a day. Moreover, these only work with EX cartomizers and blanks to be filled with liquids and this industry has seen a lot of crossover activity.

To participate in this trend without producing their version of an already overused format for herbs like so many herb pens and portable vaporizers, V2 Cigs created a 3-in-1 magnetic system for use with e liquids, dry materials, and concentrates. With two versions currently available, customers can choose 650 mAh or nearly three times that amount of power. Cartridges are made specifically for certain materials and are interchangeable.

Green Smoke E Cigs

Technology has moved forward, and Green Smoke’s products have been tweaked to keep up, but they are not really different after all these years. Every time one of the mini cig companies adds a new advanced device to their lineup, Green Smoke ignores it and sticks with what they know. Depending on your view, this might sound like confidence or hubris. But Green Smoke knows their niche audience and sees here a desire for simplicity.

While V2 Cigs sells many types of starter kits with lots of extras, Green Smoke only sells 5 choices. These do not come with portable charging cases or power cigs. Then again, you might prefer one of these additions over a second USB charger or a second carry case as per the Ultimate Kit at Green Smoke.

Lots of vapers will move away from mini cigs and when they do they will leave Green Smoke in search of big vapor. Many clients, however, like the mini cig setup and the serenity of their website. Face it: a lot of choice is overwhelming to many vapers, especially in the beginning. Green Smoke eases new vapers into their new world.

Liquids and Batteries

Green Smoke also sticks with cartomizers and makes some of the best for this class of e cig. Customers say it’s the freshness which sets them apart, but there are only 7 flavors to choose from. One is a new addition: Smooth Crème. Neither e liquid nor blank cartomizers have been added to their catalogue.

V2 Cigs extended their range to include 12 flavors of cartomizers, also available as e liquids, plus they provide limited edition choices. Moreover, their price for cartridges is less than that of Green Smoke by more than $2 per pack.

But where batteries are concerned, neither one sells them at a really low price, as they both make decent batteries. Green Smoke is known for long lasting standard types of mini e cig batteries and V2 sells automatic and manual batteries.

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