V2 Cigs EX Blanks For Wax Review & 10% Off Coupon

V2 Cigs has started down the vaporizer road in a new way which didn’t stop with creating the Pro Series 3-in-1. They now make their EX Series doubly useful with the addition of EX Series blank cartridges for wax. Like they say at V2 Cigs, wax isn’t just for candles anymore.

If you are already familiar with the EX Series by V2, then you know they hold more material than Classic Blanks for liquid. The V2 EX Blank for wax is still an atomized cartridge which fits onto Classic and EX Series batteries, but with a wholly different purpose.


Instead of filling with e liquid, these are meant to hold wax, gel, and similar concentrated materials. Consumers are instructed to poke a hole through the material until they reach the atomizer: this is to create an air inlet so heat can make it through your wax. One small hole will do the trick. Don’t get creative and drop ground herbs into the chamber.

Place wax into the cartridge by removing your mouthpiece. If this gets lost, V2 sells replacements cheaply. Packages of V2 EX Blanks for wax come in sets of 3 costing $20.70 each.

Batteries for EX Cartridges

When you use EX Blanks for e liquid or wax, they can be attached to either of V2’s battery series, any size, and will work effectively according to V2. The EX battery costs $25.89, measures 135 mm with a cartomizer attached (EX Series only), and provides 280 mAh of vaping. That is the equivalent of around 4 to 5 hours. Compared with Classic batteries, this is slightly less than their long Classic and a bit more than the Standard.
Shorty batteries measure 67 mm without a cartomizer; Standard cells measure 79 mm; and Long V2 Cigs batteries measure 110 mm or 140 mm with a cartomizer or blank attached.

Their ratings are 190 mAh, 250 mAh, and 360 mAh. Prices are not clear because two panels, one above the other, show these batteries at different values.

The Shorty could cost $10.33 or $9.95. Their longest battery might cost $20.70, but that could also be the price if you order a single battery without additional accessories or not as part of a starter kit.

Additional Information

At V2 Cigs, free domestic shipping starts at $50. Take advantage of this offer by ordering two packs of EX Blanks for wax plus a beautiful EX battery with a strip of LED battery life indicator lights. Colors are Scarlet Metallic, Carbon Fiber, Brushed Steel, Royale, and Bloom.

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