Do The Benefits Of E Cigs Outweigh The Cons?

Community groups, health care professionals, governments, and parent groups all argue one way or the other: that e cigs are potentially hazardous or that they save lives. No one can say for sure that e cigs are harmless. While much research concentrates on the scientific end of things, there are also cultural ramifications and economic ones. Are e cigs doing more good than harm in society?

Financial Benefits of the Electronic Cigarette

One potential benefit of vaping appears to be the economic one. E cigs cost less than cigarettes, particularly cigalikes and intermediate eGo vaping pens. They bring the price of vaping to around $1.50 per “pack” or less so long as an individual’s “smoking” habits do not change and the product is not faulty.

E cigarettes contribute to the economy with the start of local businesses which enable unemployed people to remain financially independent and to contribute. Business owners hire employees who also spend money in their local economies.

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Health Benefits

Countless vapers testify that if it weren’t for e cigs they would be dead. They had tried to give up smoking using other methods: quitting cold turkey, chewing gum, and wearing nicotine patches. Nothing worked, or not for long.

These same men and women are now vaping with cigalikes or eGos and they haven’t craved a cigarette since picking up their new habit. Some of these people reduce the nicotine in their e cigs and stop vaping too. Others reduce nicotine and continue vaping for the flavor and to maintain the physical habit of “smoking.” Further consumers continue to use nicotine-laden e juice.

Health Detriment

While many people believe that cigarette smoke is the big problem with smoking, nicotine is another one. This chemical, used as a pesticide in many parts of the world, is a killer in its own right. It can cause heart problems which are just as serious as the lung problems associated with cigarette smoke.

Furthermore, teens who see e cigs as a “safe alternative” to smoking might not realize what they are getting themselves into. Nicotine is highly addictive. Maybe the carcinogens are gone (or most of them, the jury is still out), but nicotine will cause problems an unsuspecting, curious teen is not aware of.

Teens should not be purchasing e cigs and are not legally permitted to. As with alcohol and cigarettes, however, there is always some adult willing to pocket $20 for the job of buying e cigs for a group of kids; always a kid who looks like a 25 year-old. Since e cig flavors are so attractive to youth, lots of them are starting to vape when they were never smokers. The same goes for adults who never lit up before.

Tasty Flavors

E liquid companies are brewing up tasty treats that adult and young communities find irresistible. Many of them don’t even make tobacco or menthol-style juices, focusing on sweets instead. They create fruit-flavored e juices, dessert styles, and often cocktails. Custard e-juice is popular. Even if you never liked the smell or taste of tobacco, that doesn’t matter with e cigs.

On Balance

But the question is whether positives outweigh the negatives. So far, it looks like they might. If vendors routinely ask for identification, and parents educate themselves and their kids about nicotine, e cigs could do the health and finances of Americans a lot of good.

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