Different Types Of Electronic Cigarettes

A new vaper will be struck with the huge number of brand names he has to choose from and the similarities between many of them, but there are still more decisions to be made. Besides brands, there are styles of electronic cigarettes, plenty of which look nothing like analogs.

Early E Cigs

First choices are always the hardest. They also form a smoker’s first impressions of vaping, so this decision has to be made with care. You can easily ruin a good start with a bad decision, so read all of the reviews you can get your hands on and talk with vapers who feel the way you do about the whole topic. Some will embrace big batteries and bright colors, but others want to perpetuate the illusion that they are still smoking for as long as possible.

Mini E Cigs

The second group is best suited to cigalikes; small batteries fitted with even smaller cartridges to form cigarette-sized devices. They usually weigh a little more and are a fraction larger.

But overall, a cigalike gives the impression of smoking. It lights up at the tip, although various companies have chosen LED colors besides red so that bystanders do not mistake a vaper for a smoker and kick him out of a no-smoking area.

You can buy disposable ones anywhere cigarettes are sold, such as convenience stores and gas stations. Firms like Halo, Vapor4Life, Cigavette, and V2 Cigs sell rechargeable kits online and at selected retail outlets.

South Beach Smoke, Eversmoke, VaporFi, and Bull Smoke carry their versions too. Devices known as 510 e cigs made by Chinese brands like Innokin and JoyeTech are also slim and short. Numerous companies provide cigarette colors, but alternatives like bright blue and pink are also available.

A Second Choice

Next in this beginners’ group is the eGo battery. Its power capacity is at least double that of a large e cig battery, but often even greater. If you used a manual cigalike battery (with a button to make the heating coil work), then you will be familiar with the way an eGo is operated.

Instead of a lighted tip, the button sometimes lights up, but not necessarily. With a few exceptions, eGos attach to empty clearomizers holding at least as much e liquid as a cigalike cartridge but usually more by at least 50%.

Where a cigarette-like battery holds its charge for a typical maximum of 4 hours, a 650-mAh battery will last 6 or more and the 1000-mAh variety operates an entire day when fully charged. There are “spinner” type eGos that allow the user to control voltage within a small range. Brands with good reputations are JoyeTech, Kanger, and Vision.

Battery Tubes

The next class of e cigs starts with a battery tube: the base is not your battery. It’s the command center where vapers switch their unit on and off and adjust volts or watts. This e cig brain stops the device from operating when there is a problem like a shorted circuit or battery put in the wrong way around.

Usually, battery power starts no lower than 650 mAh, but you will usually find these advanced personal vaporizers operate with more than 2000 mAh: enough power for two days of vaping. Mechanical versions of these devices do not rely on a brain but on the care of a vaper to operate safely. With skill, he can also adjust temperature by wrapping coils to a particular resistance so that battery voltage isn’t as important.

Brands famous for their “mods” (modifiable e cigs) include Smok with their Magneto, Innokin (makers of the MVP and Cool Fire), and JoyeTech with their eVic Supreme. Only advanced vapers are advised to purchase these devices.

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