V2 Electronic Cigarette Review & 10% Off Coupon Code

For much of the last few years, through the beginning of 2017, V2 Cigs was dominant over most e cig companies. VaporFi was the major exception, but even then V2 competed strongly, thanks to their latest offering, the V2 Pro.

Much of V2’s success can be attributed to the product line they have maintained since almost the beginning, plus several convenient starter bundles and the Vapor Couture line of slim, feminine e cigs. But it doesn’t hurt to shake things up a bit and show consumers your product is still current.

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V2ProChanges at V2 Cigs

What did V2 do this year that wowed their audience? As mentioned, they introduced a 3-in-1 vaporizer known as the Pro Series 3. It is the first of 3 in the Pro line, the next two being manually adjustable.

Before that, V2 Cigs brought out EX Series products: beautiful versions of their mini cig batteries in 5 colors/patterns falling between standard and long lengths.

They operate manually. In addition, proprietary cartridges were also introduced featuring a viewing window and providing twice the e liquid capacity of a regular cartridge.

When the EX Series came out, starter kits were adjusted accordingly. Consumers could upgrade several kits to contain EX batteries and cartridges or stick with Classic pairings.

V2 Cigs offers 12 styles of flavored cartridges for use with the Classic battery. But in 2014, consumers could also select from several limited edition flavors. These included a mint-chocolate variety, Mojito, strawberry and chocolate, Pina Colada, and Sambuca.

Reliable Products at V2 Cigs

Those are additions to reliable offerings from V2 Cigs, but they were special before that time. What made them so well-loved was quality.

Mini cigs are not known for their long-lasting batteries or exceptional vapor, but this company made a solid effort to combine small features to mimic cigarettes with powerful elements to satisfy a serious vaper.

Their long batteries only last around 4 hours when brand new while small and standard-sized batteries need to be recharged every couple of hours, but vapor production is surprisingly thick for such a small cell.

Flavors at V2 Cigs

When you talk about mini cig flavors, one must realize that most cigalike products are filled with Chinese e juice. Pundits claim this is usually sweeter and far removed from the authentic flavor of tobacco or whatever the maker is aiming for.

Menthol tends to taste like toothpaste. V2 Cigs has not impressed e liquid connoisseurs with their e juices which are hit-and-miss as far as authenticity goes. Some taste downright terrible, but taste is highly subjective.

With so many choices on their menu (including three that are supposed to resemble tobacco and three menthol/mint styles) there are always going to be some a customer does not like.

But here are four good reasons to give V2 Cigs a shot nonetheless. One is that they will make custom cartridges as per the customer’s flavor instructions. Ask for any combination and they will produce a package of 100 at a time. Cartridges should last at least one month, possibly two months.

It is also possible to buy blank cartridges for either the Classic or EX series. All you do is choose an e liquid that is not too viscous (that is, not high in vegetable glycerin), one with a low acidity level (nothing with too much cinnamon or citrus) and refill using special tools. At first, you make a mess but it soon becomes easy and is definitely cheaper than replacing cartomizers all the time.

V2 charges less than most companies for their cartridges: $10.33 for a pack of 5 Classics (add $5 for EX cartridges).

Finally, V2 Cigs makes affordable e liquid and offers Zig Zag e liquids as well. This adds a few more flavors to your circulation before having to search for other brands. If you have chosen to vape with EX Series products, there are just 6 flavors of pre-filled cartridges. You are going to bore with those six in a hurry so switching to blanks and e liquid is a popular move.

V2 Beginners kitStarter Kits and Accessories

Reading the list of V2 Cigs starter kits is a lot of fun if you appreciate gadgets. Each one contains at least one component of interest to technology buffs.

The mini cig alone is a revolutionary product and it gets even non-smokers and non-vapers talking about its simplicity and variety. The Power Cig is also interesting because it by-passes the need for battery power and relies directly on power emitted from a USB source.

A PCC works as a wireless charger. Once it is charged, a vaper puts his uncharged battery or batteries inside and powers them up while he is away from any other power source. It also acts as a case.

The Pro Series Difference

For a long time, vaporizers and e cigs were seen as separate, but companies like V2 Cigs have changed that imagined dividing line by reducing the size of vaporizers, making them as small as e cigs. A Pro Series 3 is the size of a slim e cig pen. Two parts connect magnetically and the base recognizes which cartridge has been connected, thus knowing which temperature to select for the material inside. It’s called a 3-in-1 vaporizer because with the correct cartridge vapers can use e liquid, herbs, or essential oils.

Vape 4 Free

V2 Cigs is also a generous company. They know that prices for their goods are artificially high, but they charge something close to what competitors are charging (in many cases, a little less).

Already the V2 price point is competitive, but customers also benefit from special reductions in price just by signing up. The Vape 4 Free program entitles them to discounts, loyalty rewards, and saves them oodles of money for shopping, writing reviews, and referring friends to the company.


This is also one of the most successful companies for e cig affiliate marketers. Affiliates don’t sell products or carry stock. They promote the brand and guide vapers to the site, earning cash when people are led to a purchase by the affiliate’s banner or link to V2 Cigs.

10% Off All V2 Products