V2 Cigs Batteries

V2 Cigs makes 4 sorts of batteries if you don’t count the choice of automatic and manual. That means there are 4 sizes and 10 colors/patterns to choose from. This article will lay out the differences between V2 Cigs batteries.

V2 regular batteriesClassic Batteries

There are three of these: the Shorty, Standard, and Long. Each cell comes in 5 possible colors: white, blue, pink, black, and stainless steel. Short batteries measure 100 mm, 10 mm less than standard cells and 40 mm less than the Long V2 Cigs battery.

Ratings differ depending on whether your battery is automatic or manual, with automatic batteries getting a higher rating than manual ones. The Shorty is rated 190/140 mAh. Standard cells are rated 250/190 mAh.

Choose the Long and you get a 360-mAh battery either way. V2 Cigs accompanies each description with a number of puffs you can expect to get out of a charge: over 160, more than 200, and more than 300 puffs respectively. Experience suggests these are over-estimates, but that at least gives you some idea of how long a battery lasts.

Pricing for these mini cig batteries is relatively high. V2 Cigs charges $14.95 for the small, $19.95 for their medium, and $22.95 for the largest of these batteries which is also larger than their EX Series battery.

Manual vs. Automatic

Automatic batteries are easy to use and often recommended to brand new vapers. You don’t have to do anything to activate them: just attach a cartomizer and start puffing. Charge them regularly, of course, but they are otherwise simple to use.

Manual batteries have a little button on the side which you press before puffing. This gets the atomizer going so your vapor is hot when you start puffing. The advantage here is that your battery isn’t working all the time, waiting for you to puff. Automatic batteries remain on standby constantly, so they use up power even when not in use. Manual batteries are more efficient and, thus, more cost-effective.

EX BatteriesEX Batteries

These come in 5 colors/patterns: Scarlet Metallic, Brushed Steel, Bloom, Royale, and Carbon Fiber. They cost $29.95 and are available in just one size: 135 mm, 280 mAh, or up to 300 puffs.

Why are EX Series cells more expensive than Long Classic batteries priced $22.95 each? I think the reason has to do with looks and also the fact that you can attach a cartomizer that gives you twice as much vaping as the Classic cartomizer.

EX cartomizers cost 50% more but are double the value. They are also proprietary: EX Series products only work with each other (the exception being EX Blanks).

Customers seem to really like the way these products look and perform, and being that they are larger, higher capacity batteries and cartridges, they do have a higher price point.