2018 Discounts For V2Cigs.com

One of the best ways to save yourself some serious money while getting your nicotine fix is to vape, and then, use promo codes for extra savings on your purchases. Some brands, such as V2 Cigs, have coupon codes that have no expiration date, and these can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time!

V2 Cigs Coupon Codes and Savings For 2018


15% Off V2 Starter Kits For New Customers

Excluding the PRO, E-Juice & Accessories

10% Off All V2 Products

10% Off V2 Disposables

10% Off v2 EX Series

10% Off V2 Accessories


Enter at checkout at: http://www.v2cigs.com

V2 Cigs is a competitive and highly popular U.S. brand of e cig in the mini cig market. Some of their products are already more affordable than equivalent brands while certain accessories are over-priced. How can you save money with V2 Cigs? Here are some ideas.

V2 Beginners kitBuy a Starter Kit

Find the individual price of each item in a starter kit as shown on the menu of accessories at V2 Cigs.

Now calculate the cost of buying each item. Even if you are simply purchasing two Classic batteries and 10 compatible cartridges, your bill is about $60. That’s before you throw in a USB charger and an AC adapter, two items you can’t do without.

But for the same price you could buy the whole kit: a 2-battery starter package with your choice of battery color, format, and length. Select your favorite from 12 styles of e liquid cartridges.

Now look at a bigger starter set like the Ultimate Kit. You would pay $60 just to purchase 3 batteries, while the cost of 25 cartridges is about $50.

A portable charging case costs $50 as well, plus there is the car adapter and charging kit, a lanyard, power cig, and carry case.

At roughly $160 for a starter kit containing all of these items, you can see that bundles offer a cheaper alternative to shopping for them individually.

V2 Red e juiceBuy E Liquid

When you feel ready to refill blank cartridges with e liquid, these will save you money too.

A single cartridge offers about 1 ml of e liquid (although EX series cartridges last twice as long and cost only 50% more than Classics).

In the Classic format, you are paying around $2 per ml. V2 Cigs sells 25-ml bottles of juice priced $17.59 while a 50-ml bottle will set you back $31.08. That works out to 70 cents or 62 cents per ml.

You can buy a pack of 40 blanks for $57.03, each one capable of holding roughly 1 ml of e liquid and of being refilled 5 times.

If each cartridge is worth around $1.43, that means it costs 29 cents per ml to use a blank, added to 62 cents for the large bottle of e liquid. Now, instead of paying $2 per ml, your vaping session costs 91 cents.

As I said, EX Series cartomizers cost 50% more but last 100% longer. So if you buy pre-filled cartomizers, you save money. With e liquid and blanks, you save even more.

Purchase packages of 5 pre-filled cartomizers in volume if you prefer them: 80 at a time. The price of each cartridge comes down to about $1.56.

Vape 4 Free Program

As a customer at V2 Cigs, you automatically qualify for the Vape 4 Free program. But the program is worth more if you write reviews and refer friends than if you just shop. Start with a Basic Kit (that will supply the 500+ points needed to join) to become a member.

Then, keep writing honest reviews about the product. If V2 Cigs deems them worthy for publication (that is, they do not contain profanity or hateful language) your review nets you extra points. With those points you can purchase more V2 products.

The Vape 4 Free Program also offers discounts and exclusive offers, more of them as your status rises (that is, the more points you earn, the higher your club membership becomes).

Become an Affiliate

You can also become an affiliate marketer with V2 Cigs and earn real money. Put it towards the cost of replacement batteries or purchasing a new set of cartridges. Replace your chargers or add an accessory. Money earned as an affiliate can be spent however you want so you can simply take the cash if you prefer.

Saving Money With V2

V2 has been one of America’s leading brands of e cigs for several years. Customers know them for their quality: sturdy batteries and tasty e juice plus great service to clients. With experience, customers also discover there are ways to save money at V2Cigs.com.

Check out Items on Sale

An area of the online store to stop by when you know what you want is their sale section. Here you will find assorted specials throughout the year on batteries, e liquids, starter kits, and more.

Assorted Bundles

One aspect of the V2 website they are best known for is their starter kits. They carry several: some for the Classic battery, others for their EX Series. It is true that bundles save you money. Eventually, you have to replace batteries. But that starter set provides compatible products you don’t have to think about for a lower price than retail.

Volume Sales

Save money by ordering things in bulk. This goes for their disposable e cigs with packs of 10 costing $38.42. Imagine: you pay around $4 per e cig instead of nearly $10. Shipping is free after $50, so you might have to add a few dollars, or perhaps you want to add some accessories that bring you past the free-shipping threshold.

Volume discounts apply to cartomizers in flavors like coffee, cola, and several tobacco and menthol varieties. Pick up 80 cartomizers for $127.20: $7.95 per pack.

Big Bottles

Do yourself a favor: switch to blank cartomizers and start refilling with e liquid. That brings the price per milliliter down from around $2 to as little as 50 cents. A 25-ml bottle of juice costs $13.56.

Switch to 50 ml for $23.96. Accumulate reward points by purchasing replacement cells, cartomizers, and juice. You will soon be ready to use those points to buy a bottle of V2 Cigs e liquid and save several dollars in the process.