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Zig Zag has lingered in the shadows of V2 Cigs for too long. American customers would believe V2 came first and is chaperoning the young Zig Zag line if not for some deeper reading about this century-old brand. Of course, theirs is not a century-old e cig brand but an old brand of cigarettes from Europe. How did they end up at V2 Cigs? They formed a partnership, that’s how.

V2 Cigs and Zig Zag Partner Up

This does not mean V2 Cigs is going to sell tobacco or cigarettes. Instead, they have helped bring Zig Zag into the next century by showcasing Zig Zag e cig products, their e liquids in particular. The website for this European cigarette maker shows more products as well apparently, though one needs special access to log on, but you could find starter kits sold in certain shops. Perhaps they would be specialist tobacco shops carrying e cigs or you might be visiting Europe and see them there.

In the meantime, one can examine and purchase Zig Zag products from the V2 Cigs website. Look at cartridges, disposable e cigs, and e liquid. That’s where you will find Zig Zag with their pirate motif and colorful packaging. It’s very jolly.

Disposables from Zig Zag

According to consumers, disposable tobacco and menthol e cigarettes from Zig Zag are very tasty; quite nice. You would expect nothing less from a tobacco company since they know what smokers want.

Disposables are sold with 2.4% or 1.8% nicotine, plenty for a consumer who is weighing up his options: to smoke or to quit? To smoke or to vape: what’s the answer?

Trying a disposable requires less financial commitment and work than buying a starter kit with its chargers and refillable cartomizers. It’s a great way to ponder your options and test the e cig format and flavor inexpensively.

A pack of five 200-puff Zig Zag disposable electronic cigarettes is sold at V2 Cig for $18.63: a price cut from their previous cost. The temporary price for 10 disposable e cigs, on sale, is $29.01.

You can also buy 400-puffs e cigs in packs of 5 or 10 for $20.70 or $31.08. As always, buying in bulk is most economical, but even the price for 5 is excellent: 200 puffs for less than $2 each; 400 puffs for just barely more.

Pay $2 more and double your enjoyment, but be realistic: most e cigs don’t give you as many puffs as they claim to.

Zig Zag E Liquids

Enjoy more choices of flavor from Zig Zag e liquids, 60 ml for $34.20. Apparently, this volume is comprised of several small bottles, not a single big one.

Six flavors are available: Dragonberry, Traditional Tobacco, Menthol, Clove, Mango, and Island Breeze. Customers are happy with these flavors and recommend them.

They appreciate the small bottles particularly: they stay fresher longer. If none of these flavors catches your eye, V2 is there to add more choice.

Cartomizer Flavors

Zig Zag also makes cartomizers in three flavors: tobacco, menthol, and clove. One can also buy a variety pack.

All items come in packages of 20 for $34.95: about $7 for 5. That is an excellent price. Each V2 Cigs 5-pack costs $10.33, except when bought in bulk, and their price is already below average.

Zig Zag cartomizers are compatible with standard V2 Cigs batteries. If you have moved on to EX cartridges and batteries, they can be refilled with Zig Zag liquid. Overlooking this brand would be a mistake.

Although V2 Cigs dominates the website and the industry, they don’t do anything without a good reason. Give Zig Zag a chance to shine and you will not be disappointed with their flavor or performance.

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