V2 Cigs and Volcano E-Cigs have been around almost as long as any other electronic cigarette brand in America. They’ve gained substantial followings and are ranked highly by users, although V2 and several others have nudged past Volcano. The latter firm is currently moving to regain their place among the top-10 or better, but not in a way you might expect.


Volcano E-Cigs: the New Line-Up

Up until a few months ago, one could still buy a Magma starter kit from Volcano and customers might find these cigalike kits at kiosks or authorized vapor vendors selling assorted cigalike starter kits. Otherwise, that class of e cig is a thing of the past at Volcano.

Start with an Inferno and move up to advanced vaporizers. The Inferno Express kit costs $29.99 and is newly offered to accommodate the new vaper who doesn’t want to spend $80 straight out of the gate with the complete Inferno kit.

Their next offering is a LavaTube 3.0, although the 2.5 can still be obtained and is a good product. Customers should be thrilled, however, with the new design and better technology found within a LavaTube 3.0 which contains a DNA 40 TC chip by Evolv.

You can crank watts up to 40 or select a temperature range of up to 600F/300C. There are several lovely colors available for the removable grip sleeve and a kit contains essentials like e juice and a battery.

Volcano didn’t stop with their regulated LavaTube but continued to work hard at impressing the advanced vaping audience. They now carry three USA-made mechanical mods: the Tephra 1, Tephra II, and a Pele. The first of these are made from 303 stainless steel and 6061 Billet Aluminum sleeves. Numbers I and II represent two sizes: 18650 and 26650. Each one comes with a Cauldron RDA of the equivalent diameter plus e juice and a battery.

The Pele and Caldera RBA are packaged with a 2800 mAh-rated battery, are made from 303 stainless steel, and the mod features a special quarter-turn locking mechanism. Each one is serialized.

V2 Cigs

V2 maintains their audience of those still in the early or wary vaping days with assorted mini cig starter kits in three sizes plus the EX series. They range in price from $54.95 to $189.95 and come with various accessories: a personal charger, USB cig, disposable e cig, etc.

The EX e cig isn’t their largest but is considered an upgrade from the popular Classic model. Vapers find the string of LED battery-light indicators attractive, not to mention their 5 colors/patterns as opposed to the regular 5 colors of Classic battery (blue, pink, silver, black, and white). EX cartomizers last twice as long as regular cartomizers and they feature a viewing window as well.

You can upgrade with V2, but their direction is a little different from the one taken at Volcano E-Cigs. The Pro Series 3 or 7 are 3-in-1 vaporizers for herbs, liquids, or wax. You can vape e juice with one of these but their purpose is to give customers several choices in one mod. Series 3 manages 650 mAh and Series 7 comes with an 1800-mAh battery base.

E Juice

V2 Cigs sells 12 flavors of e liquid in two sizes: 25 ml and 50 ml, not American-made. Volcano’s US-made series of e juices now includes a vapor-chasing line besides numerous 50/50 flavors like Maui Mango, Blueberry Breeze, and Shark’s Clove.

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