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V2 Cigs is known as Vapour2 in the European Union and their original 3-in-1 vaporizer, a Pro Series 3, is called the OCB Vap. Here is what you can expect from this device under any name. It’s the same as a Pro Series in every way with only one exception: European voltage is higher (220V vs. 110V).

The pen-style vaporizer bridged a gap between e cigs and herbal vaporizers, showing the world that they are not as dissimilar as one might at first have imagined. E liquid and alternative vaporizer pens use the same technology: a battery powers a heating system, in this case an oven, to vaporize materials inside. The OCB Vap uses conduction heating to create vapor from herbs but also accepts waxes and e liquids, but you have be using the right attachment.

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Multiple Connections

In other words, an OCB Vap comes with multiple chambers, each one programmed to attach to a battery, the top of which is enclosed by a special design. The exterior comes up to embrace your chamber and also cover it up to create a single-piece look and hide the connection. With this design each part merely needs to touch: no screwing is required.

Vapour 2 OCB VapOne-Touch Technology

Once they touch, top and bottom automatically recognize each other. The battery knows what setting to choose based on whether you are using an herbal chamber, wax chamber, or e liquid tank.

That setting is between 160C and 180C which the consumer does not select. An internal chip knows just what to do. The button is also sensitive: you don’t have to press hard; just touch it lightly.

Recharging with Magnets

Even the USB charger has a magnetic connection, so when you recharge the battery, again, no screwing or snapping is required. What is the advantage here?

The biggest one is that you are not wearing down threads which could lead to a connection getting stuck or being inadequate. When threads wear and you can’t screw one way or the other, it’s easy to lose your temper and break the whole thing.

When your battery is charging up, there’s a ring of light around its base which changes color. It’s beautiful besides being practical.

Battery Power

Your battery holds a 650-mAh charge which will last for almost a full day unless you are a constant puffer and always on the highest setting. The e liquid chamber holds 1.6 ml. Your herb chamber manages 12 sessions per charge.

Select from 12 flavors of V2 e liquid including Cherry, Cola (separately or together), Green Tea Mint, or add any juice you like from another brand. This is a great pen for people who don’t want to be tied down to any particular style of vaping and love the economy of owning one pen for multiple materials.

Purchase a Package


The cost of a kit is €89.99 with a tank and charger included. Add one more chamber and some e liquid to receive discounted prices on those accessories. You will love the way an OCB Vap just disappears inside a pocket or a pouch. It is tiny, light, and discrete. Get in touch with an online agent if you have more questions.

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10% Off The Vapour2 OCB Vap