Vaping Loose Leaf Tobacco vs. Nicotine E-Liquid

Among the many alternative nicotine delivery systems, two come to the forefront for their ability to simulate smoking: vaporizing with a dry herb pen and vaping with an e cig. The two activities share similarities but differences are revealed in a closer examination of these two alternatives to smoking.

One of the top similarities is that they are both safer and better for you than smoking real cigarettes in most people’s opinions; at least when they are used properly. (Scientific evidence is still determining the long term effects of vapor versus smoke, especially with e-cig juices).

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Loose Leaf Tobacco

A vaporizer for dry herbs contains a heating chamber with a filter made from glass, stainless steel, or some other type of mesh. Pen-style vapes are known for burning herbs if temperature control is non-existent or tricky to time, but they can be highly effective when used correctly and if you choose quality manufacturing.

Whereas a cigarette uses the same sorts of herbs, a loose leaf tobacco vaporizer is not supposed to burn them but boils out water retained in the leaves to create vapor. That vapor tastes a lot like real cigarette, pipe, or cigar tobacco and also contains nicotine.

The herb will also contain any toxins remaining in the herb if the method of growing it involved chemicals. Tar is absent; so are most of the chemicals found in cigarette smoke, but there are still quantifiable levels of certain ones. Carbon monoxide is reduced but not eliminated.

Best Device To Use For Vaping Loose Leaf Tobacco?

We recommend one of the V2 Pro Series Vaporizers:

These are both very high quality devices, and both have cartridges specifically made for loose leaf product, with an advanced heating mechanism for optimal vapor, without burning the material.

There are a number of really cool features for each, and both can vaporize loose leaf products, e-liquid and wax, with specific cartridges made for each.

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Nicotine Liquid

Although referred to by some as “nicotine liquid,” that can be a misnomer. Many consumers use e juice that does not contain nicotine or where nicotine is greatly reduced.

E liquid is still undergoing studies, namely to determine which chemicals or toxins are released into the air and whether high-watt vaping changes the chemical makeup of e juice vapor. Still, it’s a lot harder to burn liquid than to create ash out of loose leaf herbs.

Some argue that the authentic flavor of tobacco is missing from nicotine liquid. Vapeologists (people who mix base ingredients, nicotine, and flavors to create e liquid) approach but cannot truly simulate those flavors however hard they try.

Then again, they can create a wider range of flavors which include tobacco and menthol but extend to everything for which an extract can be made or found and which vapers would find desirable. Ground herbs do not taste like lemon custard or strawberry licorice, but e liquid might.

Double Uses

A number of herbal vaporizers are utilized not just for tobacco but also for marijuana. This is something an e liquid vaporizer is not used for. APVs are sometimes used with herbal tanks, but pens with matching cartomizers and all rebuildable atomizers were designed as e liquid vaporizing devices only. Vapers do not heat up illegal substances with these products unless they are being utilized contrary to manufacturers’ specifications.

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