The V2 Cigs Vape 4 Free Program

Can a customer really give up smoking and vape without paying anything? Nothing is completely free in this world, but thoughtful vapers can save so much money vaping with V2 Cigs that it feels like they are vaping at no cost.

You have to be committed to writing reviews and be the kind of persuasive friend or acquaintance who will encourage new vapers to sign up with V2 regularly, but the rewards for enthusiasm are huge.

V4FreeWhat is the V2 Cigs Vape 4 Free Program?

Every major e cig company runs a loyalty program. In this system, customers earn points every time they buy something — anything. These are calculated as so many points per dollar spent (listed below the price).

After gathering enough points, the client can buy products using these points but is unable to exchange points for actual cash. Like any grocery or hardware store reward program, this is a customer loyalty incentive.

With Vape 4 Free, every 10 points is worth a dollar at the V2 Cigs store. We’re not talking about the kids’ stall at a carnival where you can only buy gimmicky accessories: everything they sell can be purchased with points.

Then, if you earn enough points you join an exclusive club. This club entitles you to more free things: discounts, gifts, and exclusive offers.

You need to amass at least 500 points, but that is the same as spending $50 (before shipping) on a starter kit which you were probably going to do at the beginning anyway. This is the cheapest way to begin vaping because individual products cost more when purchased one at a time.

Other Ways to Earn Points

But there are other ways a customer can earn points with the Vape 4 Free Program. If you like talking about this product, it’s possible your friends will become curious and buy something from V2. When they do, make sure to claim a referral bonus: extra points for spreading the news.

Write what you think about V2 products in their review section. What do you think motivates so many people to review some brands and not others? Incentives make the difference.

You also have to ask yourself how honest customers are being if they know the review has to be approved to earn them points, but there are some negative or middling comments on the V2 Cigs website.

But you wouldn’t want points if the product was garbage anyway. Customers desire points because they like what V2 Cigs offers.