V2 Cigs Starter Kits Review & 15% Off Coupon Code

There are essentially 10 starter kits at V2 Cigs: 6 from the Classic camp and 4 EX Series choices. They all contain essential elements from V2 Cigs with some variations in battery size and accessories. Take a look here and you might see one that grabs your attention as an ideal gift. Starter kits are a big part of V2’s success: customers have always loved the amount of choice available to them.

V2 Cigs Starter Kits Comparison

They make it easy at V2 Cigs to compare products and prices. Just read the chart posted at the bottom of the page for starter kits. This lays out the contents of each set in brief: number of batteries and cartridges, number and type of chargers, and accessories. Just reading the list down your left reveals how rich the choices are.

15% Off V2 Starter Kits For New Customers

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Beginners Kit

For a new vaper, this is a great introduction to vaping sans overwhelming amounts of hardware. It comes with one rechargeable battery and an express charger.

V2 Beginners kit

Where most other one-battery packages contain 2 refills, this one comes with 6 and also a disposable e cig. It is unique among 1-battery sets. With this set, you will soon know if vaping could be your successful smoking alternative.

Standard Kit

This is your usual 2-battery kit, but there are more cartridges than some contain.

V2 Standard Kit

White Cloud, for instance, fills all of their sets with just 5 cartridges: V2 gives you 10 plus the USB charger and an AC adapter. From this point onwards, every package contains the AC adapter. Select a battery color (blue, pink, black, white, or silver) and automatic or manual (the manual battery is button-activated).

Standard E-Liquid Kit

Choose this one to become a re-filling pro. You get 2 batteries, a charging kit, and 2 bottles of e liquid.

V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit

Three EX blanks are also included but these are compatible with Classic batteries as well as EX Series cells. It doesn’t take long to learn the re-filling method with these blanks and you will notice the savings right away. You also get to choose from many more interesting flavors sold by V2 and other companies.

Standard Plus

Add a portable charging case to the Standard kit and you have the Standard Plus.

V2 Standard Plus Kit

In this instance, the portable charging case is the smaller of two that V2 Cigs carries. It will comfortably contain regular-sized batteries, charging one at a time and holding either one more battery or two cartridges.

PCC’s come in white, grey, or black with a slide-open cover and indicator lights to show the value of a charge. With this PCC, you can charge 4 batteries one after the other when you are away from a USB/wall outlet. Sold separately they cost around $50, so this is a good value bundle. In fact, all of them are: you can see that by determining how much individual items cost then calculating their cost collectively.

Couples Kit

Just double the Standard kit and you get the couples kit.

V2 Couple's Kit

Two extra items are thrown in at no extra charge: a pair of car charging adapters. It’s great value, and not just for couples.

Ultimate Kit

This is the biggest package V2 Cigs offers.

V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit

Open up your box to reveal 3 batteries, 25 cartridges, an XL PCC, metal carry case, lanyard, power cig, car and AC adapters, and a USB charger. The extra-large PCC can hold on large battery or an EX Series battery, plus one more battery or 3 cartridges.

Upgrade Your Kit

Now that you know what each kit comes with, consider upgrading to the EX Series.

These four sets can be switched:

• Standard
• Standard +
• Couples
• Ultimate

You will notice that cartridge flavors and strengths are yours to choose in each instance (only the Beginner’s kit comes in just 2 flavors, tobacco or menthol, always with 1.8% nicotine). All 12 flavors are available to customers selecting the Classic format, but EX Series customers get a choice of 6 cartridge flavors: 3 tobacco styles and 3 mint/menthol.

The good news is that you get twice as much vaping time from an EX cartomizer and you can also change over to blanks, thereby using e liquid and expanding the selection of flavors now available. EX kits cost additional money and are not compatible with pieces from a Classic set.

V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit from V2 Cigs on Vimeo.


15% Off V2 Starter Kits For New Customers

Excluding the PRO, E-Juice & Accessories