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Here are two brands I would never think to compare: Smokeless Image and V2. They are both American companies, but there are many differences between them. Perhaps the biggest contrast is price, but we will look more deeply in the following comparison.

Smokeless Image vs V2 Cigs

First of all, V2’s profile is bigger, wider: they are better at advertising than this competitor and many others. It helps that the founder of V2 Cigs sits on at least one board related to e cig advocacy and that they have a European presence. Smokeless Image’s “Volt” battery and starter kits aren’t as well-known or popular in England et al, but among those who use the brand, it has a great reputation.

Starter Kits Compared

Smokeless Image’s starter kits begin at the very low price of $10 and the most expensive is $45.

It comes with 2 batteries, 10 cartridges, a PCC, USB pass-through e cig, and chargers.

The equivalent kit (almost) from V2 Cigs costs $104 and doesn’t even include a USB-cig. V2 Cigs offers two types of mini cigs and 3-in-1 herbal/oil/e liquid vaporizers while Smokeless Image sticks with e cigs, including the Volt, an eGo series, and iTaste products.

E Liquid and Cartomizers

Volt e juice comes in 30-ml bottles costing $6.95 and several flavors. I don’t know if this is American e juice, but Smokeless Image also carries American-made NicQuid in 5-ml bottles for $4.89. This juice is produced and bottled in an FDA-approved laboratory to strict safety standards using top-end ingredients. Between the two brands, there are numerous flavors to choose from: fruits, tobaccos, and mint/menthol types.

V2 e liquid is made in China. They fully disclose the ingredients used in their juices such as the names of synthetic flavorings. I really appreciate being able to make intelligent, informed decisions about what I am vaping.

Juices are bottled in unusual volumes: 25 ml for $17.59 and 50 ml for $31.08 as opposed to 5, 10, 15, or 30 ml. Their 12 cartomizer flavors are represented here, but not specialty flavors.

Cartomizers for the Volt cost a record low: five for $5.95. Like V2 Cigs, they also make blanks and sell clearomizers one can attach to their mini cigs instead. They make refilling with e liquid easier and flavor is better in a clearomizer. V2 charges about $10 for five cartomizers. Ironically, until Volt came along, this was one of the best prices you could find.

Rewards and Affiliates

There is hardly an e cig business owner alive who hasn’t instigated two programs: loyalty rewards and affiliate marketing. The latter brought e cigs to their current status faster than any traditional advertising could have done.

V2’s Vape4Free program looks like this: earn 1 point for every 10 cents spent, then redeem 10 points per $1. That’s a direct reversal: you don’t lose anything in the exchange between earning and redeeming points.

At Smokeless Image, customers receive 1 point for every $4 spent and convert that to $1 for every 5 points spent. Although the deal at Smokeless Image is better, with lower prices rewards add up more slowly.

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