In the e cig stakes, two companies that often come head to head are V2 Cigs and Halo. Both began operating close to the beginning of the electronic cigarette revolution. Both are American companies that produce cigalikes. Besides those factors, they share some things in common but are also dissimilar in several ways. This article will look at those similarities and differences.

V2 vs Halo Cigs

Both companies produce e cig starter kits. With V2, these are the Classic, EX, and Pro Series Kits. At Halo, there are the G6 and Triton.

Bundles by both firms are cheaper to buy than purchasing individual items like chargers, e liquid or cartomizers, and batteries.

Each company provides assorted colors and automatic or manual mini cig batteries. After that, they’re more different than the same.

Halo G6 Bundles

Their one kit is the same price as it has been for a long time: $44.99. Select from nine electric colors like Emerald Green, Midnight Blue, and Princess Pink, and you always get the same things.

These are two rechargeable batteries in your choice of automatic or manual and small or large. Ten cartomizers are included or blanks you can fill with e liquid.

Pre-filled flavors contain up to 24 mg of nicotine and a low of 6 mg with no nicotine-free option. Try Malibu, Turkish Tobacco, Belgian Cocoa, and HX3. You also receive a USB charger, AC adapter, and gift box. They do not make disposable e cigs.

V2 Cigs Starter Kits

Stick with the Classics for now: Classic cells, that is. Otherwise, your search for starter sets can become complicated.

V2 sells kits containing everything from one battery, a USB charger, and 6 cartridges to huge sets with portable charging cases, 20 cartomizers, 3 batteries, and lots of other extra goodies.

Prices are also more widely spread as a result. There is an e liquid kit plus upgrades to their EX Series battery and cartomizers. Disposables are sold in bundles of 5 or 10.

Choose a battery size and manual or automatic. Select from 5 colors including white, black, and pink. Opt for up to 2.4% nicotine or down to 0 in flavors like Chocolate, Red Tobacco, or Cherry.

Level Two

The V2 Pro Series 3 provides a 650-mAh battery and 1.6-ml clearomizer. The set comes with one clearomizer, the battery unit, and a USB charger, all of them magnetically connected to one another.

A Pro Series 7 features a 1820-mAh battery plus 2.4-ml clearomizer for $149.99, roughly twice the price of a Series 3. Select from 3 colors.

Halo’s Triton kit at $65 comes with two batteries, the complete charging kit (USB and AC adapter) plus a case. This is for 650 mAh, but there are higher and lower options. Choose from 11 colors.

E Liquid

Halo Purity is one of America’s favorite e liquids. It is quality USA-made stuff produced using USP-grade ingredients in over 20 flavors with a tobacco focus. V2 Cigs has a selection of e juice in 12 flavors.

Halo e liquids drop to zero-nicotine and are extremely affordable. V2 Cigs maintains affordable prices as well. Their flavors include 3 tobacco, 3 menthol/mint, and 6 gourmet choices.

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