V2 Cigs EX Series Review and 10% Off Coupon Code

At V2 Cigs they continue to add new and exciting products. These prove to be extra incentives for consumers who want to give vaping a try, but are also encouragements for existing V2 Cigs customers to stay with them. The V2 Cigs EX Series marks another turning point at the company and in the industry.

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Follow the Lights

Probably the most innovative, sensible change V2 made was to the LED light indicator.

Typically, a mini e cig lights up at the tip when you vape. This simulates burning at the end of a real cigarette, but that light is also a battery indicator.

Many mini cig batteries flash as their power starts to dwindle and a recharge is advisable.

There are two problems with this system. One is that the flashing lights confuse people. Unless two different colors are chosen, flashing could be an indicator of low vapor, not low power. Also, vapers can’t see the tip anyway. They’re at the other end.

V2 Cigs added tiny lights to the side of their EX batteries which makes them visible and beautiful; like tiny diamond studs.

As battery power reduces, one light goes out at a time, eliminating the need for flashing. You won’t blink and miss the signal. It’s ingenious.

Five Battery Colors

V2 Cigs has never been behind in the color department: their Classic e cigs come in multiple colors too, but EX shades and patterns are simply classier and glossier.

The five are Brushed Steel, Carbon Fiber, Scarlet Metallic, Bloom, and Royale. Royale resembles a playing card while Bloom represents blossoms in colored vapor. The first three incorporate white LED lights, Bloom uses pink, and Royale is made with red lights.

EX Series batteries cost $31.08 each, so they are not cheap. Basic e cig batteries providing 400 or more puffs and 280 mAh are worth about $10 to $15, maybe $20 when they are beautiful like these ones, but not $30. Still, you find that proprietary batteries are frequently expensive, and the fact is that you can’t replace EX batteries with something else. EX cartridges only fit onto EX batteries.

EX Cartomizers

EX Series atomized cartridges (cartomizers) at V2 Cigs feature the now-popular viewing window allowing users to see how much liquid they have left.

They will be using that feature eventually, but it will take a while to notice the change in levels. EX cartomizers provide double the puffs of V2 Classic cartomizers: more than 400.

They cost $5 more too, but that’s not double. The only downside is that only 6 flavors of pre-filled cartomizers are available versus 10 standard and 1 or 2 limited edition V2 flavors. These are the three tobacco and three menthol styles.

On the positive side, EX blanks accommodate your e liquid preferences. They also fit onto Classic batteries.

EX Series Starter Kits

Almost every starter kit and accessory by V2 Cigs can be upgraded to an EX Series item by adding money. One kit was designed specifically for the EX blanks: an e-liquid package for about $80 containing 2 regular batteries and juice to get you started.

Only the Beginners’ Kit with one battery, 6 cartomizers, and a disposable is exclusively a Classic V2 Cigs package.

Others are adaptable. Upgrade the Standard Starter Kit to a price of $80 with 2 EX batteries, 10 EX cartomizers, and compatible charging devices. Their Ultimate Package for about $187 contains the Classic Power Cig because there is no EX version, but everything else is bigger. The carry case and PCC are extra-large.

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