E Cigarettes: A Revolution In Vaping

Using a hookah, consumers have been able to enjoy vaporizing for generations. With cigarettes, individuals have formed a life-threatening, environmentally dangerous habit. A hookah is generally safer to the environment and personal health, but is bulky to take places.

This is why there are so many hookah rooms in some countries and major cities. Cigarettes, however, provide the advantage of portability. Then e cigarettes entered the frame and changed everything.


An e cigarette is an electronic device generally powered by a battery, though there are USB powered cigarettes too which do not require a battery. The modern design of electronic cigarette features two parts.

The mouthpiece is part one and contains a flavor cartridge plus an atomizer. A cartridge contains juice which is a suspension of nicotine (sometimes left out) and other ingredients. The atomizer heats this liquid to create vapor.

Many brands of electronic cigarette combine the cartridge and atomizer to produce something known as a cartomizer. The advantage is that consumers experience consistent vaping every time they replace a cartridge because the heating element does not have a chance to wear out.

Part two of an e cigarette is the battery. This could be a short, regular, or long device. The bigger a battery is, the more power it has to remain charged for longer and produce lots of vapor. Regular voltage for an ordinary e cig is anything from 3.7 volts to 4.2 volts, the latter being unusual and giving consumers a lot of vapor from their vaping sticks.

A further alternative is the APV: advanced personal vaping device. These are more expensive than e pens, larger, and contain more parts, but they also enhance a vaper’s experience. Intermediate and experienced users of e cigs enjoy these products because they have more control over heating the liquid to produce vapor at a heat and volume they like best.


Certain companies prefer to stick with an authentic design, creating e cigs which look like analogs in most ways. Battery and cartridge colors mimic the standard yellow and white of cigs. An LED light at the end of the cig shines every time a user puffs, and if this light is orange, the effect is realistic. Even packaging for cigs and cartridges resembles traditional cigarette packaging. The cleverest forms contain a personal charging device with room for a couple of batteries at one time.

Numerous brands, however, are designed to stand out and look exactly like what they are: electronic devices. Getting close, one cannot fail to realize any e cigarette is different from analogs because they do not smell toxic and they create only clean clouds of vapor, not smoke. You can find e cigs in black, blue, green, red, and many more colors or patterns. It is also possible to buy patterned skins to go over e cigs.

Starter Kits

Most major e cigarette companies (of which there are dozens) produce starter kits. These are packages which combine essential pieces with optional extras to create a bargain-priced beginner’s set. If you were to purchase these parts individually they would cost you more money, so buying a kit is economical in most cases. A lot of companies produce compatible pieces, meaning their cartridges will work with other manufacturer’s batteries and vice versa.

Certain firms, however, do not make their products to be compatible, so beware of this fact. It could mean that your starter kit is only useful if you stick with their brand of cartridges. If you dislike the brand, it might mean starting again and your savings are lost.


E cig companies offer accessories in kits and separately. Usually, the most elaborate starter kit contains all or most of the pieces the company carries such as a car adaptor, carry case, portable charging case, and USB cigarette.


Customers decide on which company to buy goods from based on assorted factors, one of them being the quality of their e juice. Opinions vary and every company has its advocates who just love their cartridges. Most brands also have their detractors. Note that some brands do not carry refillable cartridges, meaning you always have to use pre-filled ones. Refillable cartridges afford you more flexibility around which bottles of juice to purchase. Refilling tanks and cartridges is greener and cheaper.


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