Comparing E Cig Brands For Quality And Style

Welcome to your new life, smoke-free! You have made an important decision which leads to another one if you chose to vape as an alternative. What e cig brands are the best? Use this article as a way to navigate through the options.


While looks are not as important as function, smokers frequently need to vape something that reminds them of the old analog they simultaneously loved and hated. For a product that resembles cigarettes, go for something available in all white or white and tan.

Several brands provide this option, but not all. A few companies have opted for just black and/or stainless steel finishes which, though stealthy, aren’t cigarette-like. With the addition of a red or orange LED light, vapers maintain the illusion of smoking.

Another contingent of new e cig consumers wants to put as much distance between themselves and e cigs as possible. Although still preferring to use something of comparable weight and dimensions, they don’t want people to get angry at them when they aren’t smoking.

In this case, having the choice to use a red or green battery with a white or blue LED light is preferable. Brands featuring colorful batteries, LED tips, and cartridges include Halo, V2 Cigs, and Green Smoke.

V2 has the most realistic tasting vapor cigarette we have tested, with their Red Flavor, which is most similar to a Marlboro Red.


This is the real clincher for consumers. A weak or fragile battery is enough to leave a vaper feeling like he should have stuck with his analogs. No one wants that result, so here are some great brands selling reliable, durable, longer-lasting batteries, and excellent customer service.

If in doubt, Volcano’s Magma, the Halo G6, V2’s Classic Series, and the Eversmoke e cig are all excellent products. Each brand offers its own style of money-saving starter kits(s) for these devices.

The Magma comes with a portable charging case, handy if you vape on the road a lot. A Halo G6 costs about $45 making it one of the best-value kits around. Eversmoke offers two sizes of battery, the larger being only fractionally bigger than a regular cigarette but powerful enough to hold a charge for a little over 4 hours. V2 Cigs is simply reliable all around.

Best Prices

But if it comes down to pricing, the Volt by Smokeless Image and Halo G6 probably offer the lowest cost for the highest quality. There is an advantage when you buy from Halo: US-made e juice. However, Smokeless Image probably sells the lowest-priced cartomizer replacements (e-liquid refill cartridges).

E-Juice Comparisons

Great tasting vapor is as important as a good battery if you are going to stick with e cigs and give up smoking. Halo’s e liquid is some of the best around. Volcano and Vaporfi¬†also make gourmet juice in the United States. All of these companies sell blank refill cartridges so you can upgrade to e-liquid by the bottle.


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