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V2 vs Blu Cigs: The Battle For Supremacy

Why do so many people start out with Blu Cigs but ultimately turn to V2 Cigs products? Do they share anything in common? What are their biggest differences and is there truly a clear winner here?

These are two of the most well known brands on the market, and are both well known and respected brands with quality products. Here’s a comparison, with any current discounts for Blu Cigs that are available.

V2 vs Blu Cigs

Start out by noting that these brands are not on the same footing. Their goals are different and so are their catalogues of products. Blu seeks to address the immediate needs of smokers. V2 wants to grow with their customers. Both of them sell disposable e cigs and rechargeable e cigs. They both use the same technology to create vapor where once there was smoke. Otherwise, the gloves are off.

V2 vs Blu Cartridges

In the flavor department, give credit where credit is due: Blu uses American liquid made only for them. V2 Cigs fills cartridges with Chinese e juice. While V2 juices are not necessarily bad and undergo strict testing, Americans frequently wind up refilling V2 blanks with American e liquid so they can support the industry on home turf.

At least V2 sells blanks: Blu does not. If you try to buy Johnson e liquid for Blu cartridges or to fill some other blank, it is not the same. Johnson makes a blend specifically for Blu which is not sold anywhere else.

V2, on the other hand, sells their juice by the bottle and also carries ZigZag e liquid. Their range of cartridges is longer: 10 regular flavors (3 mints, 3 tobaccos, and 4 gourmet styles) plus occasional limited edition flavors like the current mint-chocolate variety.

Blu has seven flavors. They carry a single menthol and one tobacco choice. The rest are alternative juices.

V2 Cigs charges $9.95 for regular cartridges and $14.95 for EX cartomizers which provide twice as many puffs. Blu offers two price and two sizes: $12.80 and $13.80; Original and Premium 100 cartomizers. They don’t last nearly as long as EX cartridges.

Power Play

In the contest between batteries, V2 Cigs offers 4 options; Blu carries 2. V2 Cigs batteries come in short, standard, long, and EX formation starting at roughly $15. There isn’t a battery priced more than $9 at Blu Cigs. With just 2 colors, however (black and white), Blu e cigs are not nearly as fun as V2’s 4 standard colors and 5 EX colors and patterns, but you pay $30 for a V2 Cigs EX battery. That is the price of fashion.

One can also choose the manual or automatic version at V2: Blu sells automatic batteries. Where power is concerned, you don’t get three times as much from a V2 Cigs battery for the high price they charge but their standard battery seems to go on producing power and vapor for a long time. Blu has never been credited with offering unexpectedly exceptional batteries. They run out of juice quickly.

Starter Kits

V2 sells several and they can be upgraded to EX-sized kits for additional money. Blu has kept their line to an Original and a Premium starter kit, each one containing a charging kit.


V2 Cigs are easier to thread with parts from competing brands than Blu Cigs are. V2 even states as much and sells adapters to help customers get what they want. Blu uses an unconventional threading and their batteries are relatively tiny.

The Winner

On the face of it, V2 is the winner. They both offer starter kits, but V2 provides more choices, including a USB cigarette. Their e liquid choices are far more varied and they even sell customizable cartomizers. But V2 is a bigger e cig. That is one reason they last so much longer than Blu Cigs: the batteries contain more juice.

As convenient as that is, V2 Cigs lack the realism of a Blu Cig, at least in terms of weight and size. They do not look like the real thing because only black and blue versions are available. At V2, you can create the analog look. They simply feel right, but right enough to be better?

It sounds like many Blu customers think so at first. For the first week of vaping, it feels good to hold something so close to the right weight and length. After a month, they are craving a more powerful throat hit, thicker vapor, and more flavors. In many cases, they wind up craving V2 Cigs.


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