Beginners Guide To Electronic Cigarettes

Everyone learning something new has to start at the beginning, even if that new knowledge has a lot in common with an old, familiar topic. Cigarette smoking is the old hobby being replaced by vaping, and every new vaper must begin with a simple device. This is a beginners’ guide to e cigs; a place where you can safely assume the advice and ideas are suitable and encouraging for newbies.

First Things First

Beginners frequently fear that they will find themselves being pressured to buy a big, cigar-shaped tube made of shiny pink metal that everyone will look at strangely and will feel completely foreign in their hands (nothing against pink, and if you like beautiful pastel colors, you’ll enjoy Vapor Couture’s line). That’s not the way it has to be. Your new hobby can start with a tiny device that looks a lot like a cigarette.

This is also known as a cigalike or a smokeless cigarette. The cigalike is roughly the length of an analog and comes apart into two pieces: a battery and a cartomizer.

The battery is your power source which heats an atomizer that warms e-liquid so it becomes vapor. An automatic battery is always waiting for you to take a puff so it can do its job, but a manual battery has a button which you press to turn on the battery and activate the heater.

At the other end, attached to the battery, is the portion you put into your mouth: the cartridge filled with e-liquid which also houses a small atomizer. Every time this piece runs out, you replace both the cartridge and the heating element. Certain cartomizers (atomized cartridges) can be refilled. Others have to be thrown away.


When you first buy a cigalike, you don’t think about using your new battery with a different brand of cartomizer or vice versa, but you will when one or the other isn’t that great. This is a common problem: the flavors don’t taste good to you even if a hundred other people say they’re great.

But Green Smoke, V2 Cigs, BluCig, Eversmoke, Halo: they are all threaded their own way. In some cases they work with other brands, but often not. Be aware of this and you won’t be caught thinking it’s a simple matter to buy some other company’s cartridges if the flavors you get or the batteries you use could be better. It’s a good idea to start out small.

Starter Kits

you can begin by purchasing disposable e cigs to feel the weight of an e cig. Taste it. Try puffing on it. If this feels like it could work and the brand is a good one, buy a starter kit. This is a package of pieces that includes at least one rechargeable battery and 2 cartomizers, plus a USB charger.

These cost around $20 but they’re not much good to you. A sensible choice would be to try the one-time-use e cig from a brand you’ve read lots of good things about, then buy a full, two-battery starter kit with 5 or more cartomizers and a charging kit (USB charger and a wall adapter).

An even bigger kit might suit you better with a carry case, more cartomizers, and a car charger or portable charging case. It’s a good idea, though, to try a simple rechargeable kit for a while to see if batteries hold their charge for a decent length of time before investing further.

EGo E Cigs

A lot of beginners don’t bother with cigalikes. They have a shop near them or a friend who vapes and can make an easy transition into vaping with a bigger device. An eGo is not huge but can feel very strange when you have been used to smoking a small cigarette. (V2 answers this with their new 3-in-1 vape pen).

There is also the button to press which activates the atomizer in your cartridge or tanks, but that doesn’t take long to get used to. What you will find most challenging is probably refilling the clearomizer without wrecking the atomizer.

With guidance this isn’t difficult and it opens a lot of doors for you. Whereas cigalike cartomizers hold about 0.9 ml of e liquid, clearomizers hold at least that but usually more, like 1.5 ml and beyond. Your vaping sessions will last longer before you have to refill. You’ll also have lots of products to choose from, thanks to the growing e-liquid market.

Of course, whichever you decide, if you go with V2, be sure to use one of our discounts and save some money!

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