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A starter kit from V2 Cigs contains at least the basic pieces required to get started vaping with rechargeable batteries and replacing used cartridges with new ones. Choosing a simple kit makes this an affordable way to start, but it becomes limiting after a while. With several days or weeks of vaping under your belt, you have achieved a rhythm and become familiar with how the product works.

You know where you will be vaping and how long you have between charges before needing to recharge batteries. Now that you have your vaping day mapped out, it is also possible to see what you will need to do this efficiently to match the amount of time you spend puffing and reduce the chance of returning to cancer sticks.

10% Off V2 Accessories

Charging Hardware

A portable charging case is considered by many vapers to be virtually a necessity, short of charging multiple batteries to carry around everywhere. With this item, a person is able to charge on the go. Who would need to do that? Anyone who works from home or whose job is fairly static can probably get away without one. At work, you can plug in the charger with a battery and be ready for every cigarette break.

If you were just on holiday it might be a good option to purchase disposables and not the charger, which you would only need again for the next holiday.

What if you are a traveling sales person, a truck driver, or a courier? You need hardware that will get you through a day without that wall adaptor and USB port so you can keep on vaping, even when your battery runs out. A Power Cig and car adaptor help, but more is better.

Individuals who travel a lot or are away from their home or office base much of the time rely on the regular or XL PCC to keep them going. Each one (in black, white, or stainless) features two sets of lights of different colors. One band of lights indicates the battery’s charge. Another band indicates how much charge is left in your case. Theoretically the two sets should light up or dim in opposite directions.

Carry Cases

Even if you do not want anything fancy, a carry case will become an important part of your routine. This is where everything stays together instead of getting lost.

While it is easy to lose a single cartridge or battery down the back of your sofa, losing the entire case that way would be a stretch. With the case, items also remain clean. V2 Cigs accessories include a soft case with several possible color schemes.

Order a black one with a silver interior; a black exterior and red interior; silver on the outside, Midnight Blue on the inside; or Midnight blue plus a silver lining. Each case measures 6.5 inches long by 2.75 inches wide and one inch deep and contains slots for cartridges and batteries.

V2 Disposables

I’ll refer to these as accessories because although you do not need them, they are useful items; extras. Online they are strictly sold in packets of three or more. At regular stores you are likely to find they are sold individually, but pricing can be anything the re-seller wants to make it. They only come in menthol and tobacco too.

Extra Batteries

Now that V2 Cigs has added another battery to their lineup, you have the choice of using an extra-long, designer battery or their usual ones in black, blue, white, stainless, or pink. The bigger battery is compatible with both EX and regular cartridges (now referred to as Classic batteries).

An EX series battery provides slightly more power than Classic, standard ones: 280mAh with 4.2volt output. That’s the kicker, voltage. With this you should enjoy thick vapor. Each of these costs $31.08, so you pay for style. Usually, you would pay no more than $20 for a single mini cig battery and even that is pushing it.

EX batteries are available in carbon fiber black, brushed steel, scarlet metallic, Bloom (wispy flowers), and Royale. The last one bears a playing-card theme with the “Jack,” spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs all over it in black and red.

Usually, it is a matter of a couple of months before vapers find they need a battery replacement. Classic batteries are available in three sizes: shorty, standard, and long. The 67mm battery ($15.52) will give you less vaping time, but create a smaller cig in your hand. The standard is your usual e-cig battery for beginner’s priced $20.70.

The 110mm long battery lasts quite a bit longer and also creates a longer cigarette. The standard size (equivalent to a regular analog) provides about 200 puffs and 250mAh of power. With this it is clear that the EX provides about the same power as a $23.82 long Classic, so you must be paying for looks.

10% Off V2 Accessories

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